How to use, serving suggestions

Use our Vitality wraps as you would a flatbread tortilla style wrap or a piece of bread, add your favourite fillings, wrap and go.

As the wraps are dehydrated, adding anything that contains a lot of water directly on to the wrap will make it reabsorb the water and could disintegrate, so we do recommend putting something next to the wrap that is not wet, avocado works very well, as does a fried egg or hummus. 

During the hot summer, we sometimes find the wraps get too dry as we are packing (we try to allow for humidity and that is sometimes not as exact a science as we would like) - if you find they are not wrapping flexibly, just brush or mist with a little water and wait a few minutes, they will be flexible again.

You can also lightly toast the wraps in a panini maker or toaster to make them crisp enough to work as a cracker. Fill them with ham and cheese and put them in a panini maker or sandwich press and they work beautifully as a toastie!

cheese ham toasted vitality wrap

Cut them into little squares and pile the toppings on for canapes. 

 Or dip them into your favourite yoghurt and fruit bowl.